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There are so many Instagram filters nowadays that snapping a shot with an app feels a little bit monotonous, but wait. That’s because you only use a third rate application to shoot your photo. If yes, then you should definitely check out some of these mobile application that you may use to snap a better shot for yourself. Check it out!

Best Mobile Application to Take Better Photo!

1. Snapseed


Google’s Snapseed is a comprehensive and powerful photo editor. With more than 29 tools and filters, such as Healing, Brush, Structure, HDR, and Perspective (see list below), you can edit JPG and RAW files and save your unique styles for future use. The selective filter brush permits exact control over all stylistic adjustments.

Download: Google Play

2. Layout from Instagram: Collage

The newest Instagram app provides a more efficient method to create collages. You can build unique layouts by remixing your own photos and share them with your pals using Layout. Choose photos from your collection or use the built-in Photo Booth to capture spur-of-the-moment images, and view them quickly arranged in a cool collage. Choose the design you like best, then customize it to your specifications.

Download: Google Play

3. Meitu- Photo & Video Editor

Meitu is an all-in-one mobile picture and video editor that provides you with everything you need to produce great edits. Create amazing and fantastic photographs! Whatever your beauty preference, Meitu has you covered! with more than 200+ Filters there will be No more monotonous images! Animate and animate them with over 200 original and distinctive effects! Not only that, there’s also an Unique Art Photo Effects with cutting-edge technology that transforms your portraits into breathtaking artwork instantly!

Download: Google Play

4. Glitch Lab

Glitch Lab introduces well-known effects and innovative concepts to the field of digital glitch art, adhering to the simplicity, power, and control philosophy of its previous apps. In and around the concept of glitch art, effects are categorized into categories and span a vast variety. Glitch Lab is user-friendly and infinitely customizable. Filters produce limitless versions of your artwork.

Download: Google Play

5. Super 16

Super 16 is a professional video camera application that emulates the real-time processing capabilities of 16mm and 8mm film cameras. This tool offers videographers and filmmakers substantial functionality for manual control, which can be handy. With Super 16, you may capture atmospheric home movies (in 16mm or 8mm film format) that capture your best moments, as well as professional cinematic scenarios, or simply take images with a vintage look.

Download: Google Play

6. Cinema FV-5 Lite

Cinema FV-5 is a smartphone application for professional video cameras that puts professional manual settings at your fingertips. Designed for amateur and professional videographers and filmmakers, this video camera application allows you to shoot the highest quality footage with superior settings for postproduction. Only your ideas and ingenuity can limit you!

Download: Google Play

7. GuruShots

GuruShots makes photography more enjoyable, and engaging. Join our photographic community, which consists of over 7 million photography enthusiasts from across the globe, and take your photography to the next level. Discover breathtaking photographs captured by some of the world’s most gifted creatives, ranging from mobile creatives to photography enthusiasts and professionals. Grab a camera and enter the competition! Inspire and be inspired, learn photography, create your own style, and receive the recognition you deserve. Enjoy hard and entertaining gaming that will test your imagination.

Download: Google Play

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