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Garena Free Fire, although it is a mobile shooter game that is quite fun to play, often creates emotions for the players. How not, the competitive aspect of this game makes players have to fight with one another to become a winner. That way, players will get points, which can be used to buy more items to improve their playing experience.

If you often lose playing the Free Fire game, here we will give some brief tips to get Booyah in the Shooter game.

4 Quick Tips to Get Booyah from the Garena Free Fire Game!

Free Fire Gameplay Tips

1. Use Your Items Correctly

In addition to skills, there are several items that can be used to help you win the game. One of them is the Gloo Wall Grenade which can be used to protect you and create a temporary barrier that can be destroyed by Bullet. However, this Gloo wall can also be used aggressively to reduce the distance between enemies by throwing them blocking the view between you and the enemy if used properly. Various other items if used in the right situations can also be used to destroy enemies or help you in various situations.

2. Choose the right Character

In the game, players can choose a character with interesting skills and abilities. If you like aggressive gameplay, you can use Shani to get armour when killing enemies, Support like Olivia, and many more. Here, players can buy these characters using diamonds and buy characters according to their skills.

3. Don’t stay in place

Unlike Valorant, which requires you to stay still and shoot, players can move and shoot precisely without having to reduce accuracy in the Free Fire game. So immediately use your control, and shoot the enemy in front of you while moving, otherwise, you will be more easily targeted and shot.

4. Choose the Right Weapon

Not all weapons are suitable for every situation, for example, there are situations where players must use SMG for close combat with a high fire rate, or Sniper which is suitable for killing enemies at a distance. Here, players must know the characteristics of each weapon that is available and the enemy uses, and use the weapon according to the situation. That’s why Garena provides 2 weapon options so that it can be used in any situation.

So find the weapon that suits you in the right situations to increase your chances of winning Booyah in the game.

Free Fire Gameplay Tips

Those are 4 tips that can be used to get Booyah in the free fire game. Although the four tips above sound simple, the basics in playing shooter games especially character-based shooter games like free fire is to use what you can in the game to win the match. This includes characters, weapons, items, and of course your brain in making existing strategies.

If you are interested, you can also play the Free Fire game on the Emulator by using a PC to make it easier to aim at shooting enemies.

Free Fire is a BR (Battle Royale) game by Garena on Android, iOS, and PC on Emulator!

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