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You can exercise all you want, but if you don’t keep track of the calories you consume, it won’t make a difference in your weight loss efforts. If you wish to shed some weight, you should make a careful record of everything that you eat. If this is the case, you might look into downloading some of the top calorie counter applications, which may be found in the following section.

Calorie Counter Apps for Diet and Eating Healthy

1. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is not just another app for limiting your food intake. This is a health app that will assist you in becoming more aware of your routines, observing how you eat, and making more informed decisions regarding your diet.

Calorie Counter

You can achieve your health goals if you can find the motivation and support you need. Using MyFitnessPal, you can keep track of your progress toward your nutrition, fitness, weight loss, and water goals. Having this comprehensive nutrition and health app on your mobile device is analogous to always having a nutritionist, meal planner, and food journal at your disposal.


2. Lose It! Calorie Counter

Lose It! is a calorie counter and food diary diet app that assists you in maintaining your diet in order to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable manner. Download the app, decide what you want to accomplish, and then track your progress by recording the foods you eat and the workouts you complete. With the Lose It! calorie counter and food diary app, you can easily keep track of your intake of macronutrients, carbohydrates, and calories.

With the help of Lose It!, you can monitor both your diet and the number of calories you consume. Calculator of Calories Lose It! can help you find a way to lose weight that works for you by measuring the macronutrient, carbohydrate, and calorie intake you need to meet your weight loss and health objectives. This can be done with a ketogenic diet, a vegan diet, or anything in between. Put an end to your lame excuses and get started on your weight loss journey with Lose It!


3. FatSecret Calorie Counter

We are pleased to have you here at FatSecret, the app that makes counting calories and losing weight more efficient than any other product on the market. The best part is that FatSecret is completely free. You can connect with a global community of people who are looking to make a change for the better, start losing weight, and achieve your goals in a healthy way by keeping track of your food and exercise using the world’s highest quality food and nutrition database.

Also, keep an eye on how much weight you are losing and how much exercise you are getting. FatSecret helps you succeed with your diet by being quick, easy to use, and integrated with a variety of external products and services.


4. Lifesum

All of your nutritional needs, including meal plans, a food journal, a macro calculator, a nutrition tracker, a calorie counter, and healthy recipe ideas, can be met in a single, easily accessible location. Lifesum helps you eat well and feel wonderful at the same time.

Are you interested in trying out a ketogenic, paleo, or sugar-free diet? We have the ideal meal plan for achieving any objective. Do you need a health tracker to keep an eye on things? Have no fear. A user-friendly meal diary, a macro calculator, and a wealth of nutritional recommendations are all available here.


5. Calorie Counter – MyNetDiary

MyNetDiary stands apart from competing for diet applications because it is uncomplicated and easy to use, it provides access to numerous valuable free features, and it does not contain any advertisements. The completely free version of a calorie counter is all that is required for effective weight loss.

MyNetDiary will never require you to do anything against your will. You have the option to select a diet, follow gentle guidelines written by our qualified nutritionists, and receive guidance from a virtual coach; however, if you prefer, you may turn off these features and use MyNetDiary as if it were simply the best calorie counter software in the world. All of the assistance and all of the tools, free of criticism.


6. MyPlate Calorie Tracker

Keeping track of calories is effective! Join the millions of people who have successfully lost weight by using the MyPlate Calorie Tracker from LIVESTRONG.COM. This app is the most user-friendly method to manage your calories and keep fit on your Android Phone. Keeping track of calories is made simple on

The detailed part under “Progress” features charts that are simple to understand and provide you with a concise summary of your statistics, which may include Calories, Weight, Carbs, Protein, Fat, and many more metrics. You may quickly examine your progress for the week, or you can delve deeper and view your progress throughout the past few weeks, months, and even the past year.


7. YAZIO Fasting & Food Tracker

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to YAZIO, the app that has shown to be the most effective calorie counter and intermittent fasting app for losing weight without dieting! YAZIO’s free calorie counter and food journal can assist you in losing weight in a manner that is both healthy and sustainable.

You may also use the free fasting tracker to lose weight using strategies of intermittent fasting such as 16:8 or 5:2, which are also effective. You can burn fat and build muscle by engaging in a practice called intermittent fasting, which has become an essential component of nutritional medicine. With the YAZIO Calorie Counter and Intermittent Fasting App, you’ll never have to worry about starving yourself or following a restrictive diet again!


8. Fitatu Calorie Counter & Diet

You can join over 10 million happy users who are slimming down all over the world by downloading the Fitatu Free Calorie Counter app and using it to track your calorie intake. The following are some of the key features of the diet app: a calorie counter, a macro calculator, a water tracker, a food journal, a meal planner, a weight lose tracker, a water reminder, and easy healthy recipes all in one free app!

In about five minutes each day, the Fitatu Free App will assist you in accomplishing your dietary, weight loss, and exercise objectives. You’ll see a reduction in body fat, an increase in lean body mass, and an overall improvement in your health. By keeping track of your calories and the nutritional values of your food.


9. Macros

Both a calorie monitor and a meal planner in one, macros are extremely versatile. You can easily calculate your calorie intake and keep a record of everything you eat in your food diary. Have everything you wish to eat! Maintain careful attention to your calorie, protein, and fat intake at all times.


10. Foodvisor

Foodvisor is your own wellness coach, giving you individualized nutrition recommendations for any reason. Finding out what works for you personally in terms of nutrition can make all the difference in the world. We are aware that adopting a happier and healthier lifestyle is a very individual endeavour and that this process takes a variety of forms for each of us.

Therefore, we will get to know you, monitor your diet and activity, and provide you with individualized plans, as well as guidance and support, in order to ensure that you get the outcomes you desire. And we’re always there to help you find your way; we’re intelligent and friendly companions who are always by your side. We are on this road with you, and you are more than capable of achieving your goals.


It is our hope that you will be able to keep track of your own calorie consumption, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and ensure that you have lost some weight as a result of using these apps. Despite this, we would prefer that you not put undue pressure on yourself to lose weight and instead allow yourself to be content with the way your body looks and keep being healthy. Thank you for taking your time to read this, and hopefully you are able to find what you need.

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