Let us be real here now, Twitter is great, but the app itself is not that great. The official apps released by twitter itself is too laggy, and sometimes too bloated especially for those that have older phone. This is why there are many, including me myself that are looking for Apps alternative to browse twitter. For those that are currently looking for one, look no more, because here are some of the apps that you can use.

Best Apps Alternative to Browse Twitter

1. Talon for Twitter

Talon for Twitter is an app that was designed from the ground up with Material Design at its core. It features attractive layouts, eye-catching animations, and that buttery smoothness that you should anticipate from the most cutting-edge apps. On top of that, Talon removes all of the advertisements from Twitter, allowing you to concentrate solely on the posts themselves. Talon provides you with everything you might possibly require in order to get the most out of your Twitter experience.


2. Fenix 2 for Twitter

You’ll have a brand new and up-to-date experience on Twitter with Fenix. Are you fed up with using the same old Twitter apps? If you give Fenix a shot, you won’t want to go back! The application provides support for numerous accounts, along with a primary screen that is fully customizable and from which your saved searches and lists can be accessed with a simple swipe. Beautiful image and video previews, support for third-party websites such as YouTube, Instagram, Vine, and Flickr, and  last but not least a gorgeous discussion interface to cap it all off.


3. Twitter Lite

Find out about the most recent worldwide news stories as they develop, including breaking news, politics, popular music, world events, and sports scores. All of these things can be done with less data, including easily marketing your company, checking the weather, interacting with worldwide brands, and swiftly providing or receiving customer support. Twitter Lite contains the same functions as Twitter, but it has the capacity to save more data.

Enjoy better notifications for the latest in local, national, and international news as well as sports scores, weather reports, and updates. Receive updates in real time for the news stories that are important to you. You may save bookmarks, tweet using up to 280 characters, share popular movies, photos, and much more.


4. UberSocial

UberSocial is now the most popular and feature-rich Twitter client available for Android. Highly effective, highly modifiable, and intuitive to use. You only need one click to construct a Tweet using UberTabs, and you can check all of your alerts at any time.


5. Owly for Twitter

With Owly for Twitter, You will be able to keep up with the most recent news and trends and express your opinions in a way that was never previously conceivable. The app is a genuinely one-of-a-kind and gorgeous app for Twitter that comes equipped with a number of helpful features. You should most certainly give Owly for Twitter a shot! You won’t believe your eyes!


6. MarinDeck

MarinDeck is an application that gives you the ability to utilize TweetDeck on Android while maintaining the same look and feel as Twitter. It also has a lot of features. There is a link between Twitter for Android and Marindeck that can be accessed using this application, which features a layout that has been tailored to provide a sense of familiarity. It has a back button function, natural column swiping, and an easy-to-use side bar menu, in addition to many other features.


7. Friendly

The most comprehensive version of the Twitter client is Friendly. The app is designed to function as an expansion of the Twitter mobile website’s light version. It will save your power, storage, and data; it will employ an intelligent notification system, and it will assist you in saving and downloading your twit.

Additionally, it offers a multitude of features, such as assisting you in downloading videos, gifs, or photographs from Twitter to your smartphone with fewer services and activities in the background. Option to disable all notifications. A design and animation that consumes less power thanks to optimization. The client is lightweight and has storage and cache optimizations with a noticeable swift and faster performance across the board.


Although we disliked the application due to its numerous flaws, the platform itself is quite decent. Personally, I enjoy all the drama that can be found on the site, its ability to interact with other online producers, and its ability to establish social media presence.

Therefore, several of the application listed above hopefully can assist you, just like how they had assisted me previously. Thank you for taking the time to read this post; please share it if you have friends or family if they also hated the original app.

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