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The game Ni no Kuni CrossWorlds does present a lot of drama in the world of mobile games, how can a game developed by global developer Netmarble not present various controversies. Starting from doing fake reviews with the lure of gifts to players, up to the most recent which is selling premium and exclusive passes that can bypass the queue time in the newest MMORPG game.

As a context, Netmarble previously explained that Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds will have an NFT system, where players can earn money in the game with their currency Territe.  This is what makes the MMORPG game explode, to get more than 809 players like the picture below who are faithfully waiting to play the game.

Ni no Kuni: Cross World Queue Up to 809 Player

The various servers that Netmarble provides in the game are full of people who are interested in playing the game, or just want to take advantage of the P2E system. Because of the popularity of the game, Netmarble finally gave a pass or exclusive permission for player accounts for $7.99 with the name “Daily Adventure Pass”, where players can use this permission to bypass the queue time that is too long.

Players will be placed in a special queue that takes priority over free-to-play players and gains access to Ni no Kuni: CrossWorld first than non-paying players.

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The presence of the pass certainly made many players disappointed, so some immediately uninstalled the game. Well, what do you think? Will you still play the P2E game?

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