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ROX, also known as Ragnarok X: Next Generation, just announced its first-anniversary celebration. Simultaneously, players will receive a collaboration event with Attack of Titan that offers a variety of intriguing content, including themed in-game goodies.

During the celebration period, Prontera NPCs will receive new outfits, beginning with decorations bearing the same motif, fireworks, and other decorations. In the city of Prontera, players can appreciate the lovely landscape.

In addition, users get access to year-in-review data sheets that reveal information on their characters, including the total number of hours played and actions taken while playing the MMO. Simultaneously, RO provides Odin with a Level Up buff that is automatically applied to players who haven’t logged in for seven days or more, granting a rise in XP for all MMO activities.

The Attack of Titan crossover event also introduced a new mode called War of Freedom, which is a 5v5 mode that allows players to be titan or human characters to win numerous AoT-themed rewards including Cart Titan Mounts.

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if you are interested Ragnarok X: Next Generation can be played on Android, iOS, and PC by using an emulator!

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