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Roonby.comAutomatic Verification is one of the newest additions to the list of privacy-enhancing features that the iOS 16 update brought to the iPhone. Players who have trouble solving the annoying captchas that are required on a variety of websites can use this platform to circumvent those requirements.

iOS 16 Updates

This is accomplished by using the sign-in page to verify both the device and the user’s Apple ID. Apple asserts that this procedure will still protect personal data and information from the website and that it will always protect your IP address by concealing it when you log in for each website. Both Cloudflare and Fastly, which are two of the most popular cloud computing services, have added support for Apple’s newest features, including Automatic Verification and Private Access Token.

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Indirectly, in the near future, various websites and applications that support Captcha will be less annoying. This feature will also be available in the near future on the iPadOS 16 operating system and on the macOS Ventura operating system!

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