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Onmyoji Arena is one of the most popular MOBA Games that had been released for more than 17 seasons now. The premise of the game is similar to any other MOBA Games. The game is so awesome with eastern like heroes called Shikigami with one goal, to destroy the enemies tower.

This game is always being updated with the recent and newest Shikigami in the making, Bukkuman the New Mage/Support hero. Here’s the skill explanation!

Bukkuman – Skill Explanation:


His passive voice consists of two abilities:

1. Either let him record a jungle camp after a short while or kill an enemy Shikigami, whichever comes first (each shikigami or cp can only be Recorded once)
2. Mark the enemy’s Shiki with ink, which will explode when the Bukkuman Skill or a basic attack is used and deal massive magical damage.

Skill 1:

Deals Magic Damage to an Enemy Shikigami. When the target takes control effect it will also apply that same effect to enemies around them.

Skill 2:

Summon an Ink Pool with a Doll at the center, which will chase the first enemy Shikigami enter, deals dmg and root the target

Skill 3:

Bukkuman Onmyoji Arena Skill

Summon a bird to fly in a direction, deals Dmg and apply Slow, then that bird will deals more dmg in an area on the flying path and apply Knock-up.


Bukkuman Onmyoji Arena Skill

Ult Passive: next basic attack triggers multiple Ink mark.
Active skill: Target an Ally Shiki then you can choose to swipe left or right:

  • Left: Grant the target and himself a shield and movement speed boost then Bukkuman will teleport to the target
  • Right: Do nothing and refund some CD

Hope this will give you some information regarding the new Shikigami that’re going to be released on android and iOS MOBA Games by NetEase games.

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