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KRAFTON has recently released a teaser image of their freshly produced virtual person, which they have dubbed Ana. As a result of the excitement surrounding both the metaverse and Web 3.0, KRAFTON decided to create Ana with the assistance of Unreal Engine, a 3D graphics application that was used for the development of the virtual human.

By developing Ana, Krafton gives the impression that it wants to gain a head start on the technologies behind Web 3.0. By providing a look that is extremely lifelike, this digital figure gives the impression of erasing the line that separates reality from technology. In addition to this, Ana is distinguished from other virtual humans and VTUBER by having a more human-like appearance.

Ana appears to be extremely real in the image that Krafton teased a while ago, and as a result, she has managed to catch the attention of many people. The creator of Ana is currently working on a whole new story or backstory right now in the hopes of capturing the interest of members of Generation Z all across the world.

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According to recent rumors, Krafton plans to release Ana in the esports and entertainment industries at some point in the near future. Ana will reportedly work as an influencer to draw the attention of fans to the games that Krafton produces. In addition, Krafton is making efforts to break into the metaverse and is working on the development of blockchain-based video games at the moment.

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