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NetEase Games just update the Infinite Lagrange their space simulation game, which now includes two new ships. The FSV830 is a quick combat support ship in this space simulation, and the SL9 Heavy Torpedo Corvette adds additional support, supply, and firepower mechanisms to the game.


Infinite Lagrange

The support ship itself is the oldest ship in space travel history, with an appealing design. The FSV830 contains unique features such as the BSY-7000 Large Docking Jetty, which includes a tiny UAV capable of refining the minerals discovered. This ship can also directly take minerals from resource nodes and process them remotely, and it is reported to be self-sufficient, allowing the user to supply, maintain, and earn all at the same time.

SL9 Heavy Torpedo Corvette

Infinite Lagrange

This ship is a new ship that is useful for counter-attacks due to its great firepower provided by three supernovas – M” -AT-3-210M Torpedo Bombardment System, which has been strengthened. To maximize their survivability, corvettes rely primarily on simple tactics to strike back at attackers and travel to enemy rears and supply lines.

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These two new ships will be new additions to Infinite Lagrange, the space simulation mobile game developed by NetEase Games on Android, and iOS! Check the official NetEase Games website for more information!

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