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A man named Miguel Pacheco discovered an iPhone X while in a canoe with his family earlier this June. Pacheco noticed the blue iPhone floating above the river at the time. Pacheco then used an air compressor to dry the phone and left it overnight.

Although he does not believe the iPhone will come back to life, he believes that if his cellphone is stolen, he will lose a lot of data that could be important. As a result, he attempted to return the iPhone to its rightful owner. The next day, he attempted to charge the iPhone he had discovered, and it was successful.

iPhone X Submerge in Water

“Because it was submerged in water, I doubted it would work. When I refilled it in the morning, I couldn’t believe it (it turned on), I know if I lose my phone, I’ll have a lot of photos of the kids that I’d like to have back.”

The iPhone X belonged to a man named Owain Davies, who had lost it in the Wye River in England in August 2021. While Davies was canoeing down the river, his iPhone fell and sank. Davies had stopped thinking about his lost cell phone.

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When you turn on your iPhone, the screen displays a screensaver of a photo of a man, Owain Davies, with a woman. It’s also August 13, the day the iPhone fell into the Wye River, according to the screen. Pacheco then shared the portrait on social media in an attempt to locate the owner of the iPhone X which finally lead to Owain Davies.

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