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An old bug in Mobile Legends has finally returned to the game. Yes, if you read the title of the game, Fountain Hook is finally back in the MOBA Mobile game. The bug that was first raised by Franco which finally got a fix on some of the previous patches, returns to one of the heroes of the Mobile legend who was recently revamped by Moonton, namely Faramis.

The Fountain Hook Bug Can Be Done by Revamp Faramis!

Faramis Mobile Legends, which recently received a revamp as part of the rise of necrokeep, turns out to have a pretty interesting bug. Revamp Faramis given by Moonton, changes skill 1 of the support hero so that it can be used whenever he wants to attract enemies towards him. When used in conjunction with the recall/arrival effect, players can drag enemies from the map to the fountain directly similar to Franco’s previous Fountain Hook bug.

How to Bug Fountain Hook Faramis Mobile Legends:

  • Use Skill 1 Faramis Mobile Legends
  • Hit the enemy by using skill 1
  • Press Recall/Arrival
  • Wait for the recall until it’s almost finished and when the map transfer animation takes place, immediately press skill 1 again

If the timing is right, the enemy will immediately move from their place to the fountain area or in the specified Arrival effect area. The weakness of this bug is, enemy players can easily get out of the skill area 1 Faramis Mobile Legends so it is not easy to do. In addition, because this bug is known and released in the Mobile Legends community, Moonton seems to be providing an update soon to fix this problem in the next few updates. So immediately exploit the bug before it’s fixed, guys!

How to Play Mobile Legends on PC:

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