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Magic Dungeon is likely one of the most intriguing mobile games, resembling Magic Survival or Vampire Survival. The game is a lot of fun, especially with the skill combinations available. For those looking for ways to last longer in the game, here are some suggestions and tips or guide that could help you with the game. Check it out!

Guide to last longer in Magic Dungeons:

1. Sirocco!

Guide Magic Dungeon

Sirocco possesses one of the best abilities in the game. It combines Death Ring and Pillar of Fire to provide massive DPS in the area around you. It is one of your go-to must-have skills for staying alive in the game.

2. Cancel Level is Also an Option

If you can’t find the combination that you wanted to have in the game, then you should definitely cancel it. For example in the image above, I didn’t see death ring to have an AoE damage around me which is why I will cancel this upgrade. Cancelling also restores 40% of your exp, and your level is still the same, which means there won’t be more exp needed to increase your level.

3. Sage Ring

Sage ring is probably one of the most OP Items or equipment in the game with Magic Cooldown -15% and Magic Duration of +15%. It will make your spell cast quicker and last longer, perfectly usable for a blizzard, pillar of fire and so on to get the no cooldown cast time and deal massive damage easily.

4. Don’t buy EXP in the shop unless it is late game

There are some things you should be aware of. As you purchase Experience books in the game, the next time you purchase one, it will be more expensive, and so on. As a result, it is better to buy it later in the game, when EXP is harder to come by, but rather than earlier in the game, when it is easier to roam around and find the EXP orb.

5. Play by Using Emulator

Because this game is a grinding game, we suggest that you play it on your PC so that your phone is going to be stable without any problem. As such we recommend that you use a new LDPlayer 9 to play the game which is a lightweight android emulator with low spec to run Magic Dungeon.

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Enemies are approaching from every direction! Use lightning to strike a great number of enemies in this predicament! Is it true that a powerful entity has manifested itself? Then let us halt the flow of creatures towards the black hole! Magic abilities can be learned in the Magic Dungeon. Create your own plans using a variety of spells! Exploring dungeons and gaining gold can help you develop your skills.

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