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Slime is probably one of the first monsters that had a huge boost in popularity because of the anime Isekai Slime. Did you know that there are actually many Slime games on android or Mobile devices that had been around for some time now? For those that are looking forward to it, here are some of the best Slime RPG Games that you can find on android!

You can play Slime Game on PC by Using Emulator:

Here we recommend you to use LDPlayers, one of the best lightweight Android emulators on PC. You can download it for free, and use it without any lags at all. The lowest setting only needs you to have Windows XP with 2GB RAM. Here is the full spec: >>Download link<<

Best Slime RPG Games on Android

1. Legend of Slime : Idle RPG

The peaceful monster forest has been invaded by evil humans! Begin your journey as a brave Slime, bringing peace to the monster forest. Allow no human to live: defeat all humans and grind their possessions.

Upgrade your Slime indefinitely: arm yourself, unlock powerful abilities, and become the most feared creature. It’s time for vengeance: Be a bad Slime and raid human villages, looting gold wagons and turning them into loyal minions. Gather companions: Fight alongside an egg-throwing chicken or a snail to slow down the enemies. And, of course, there is a cat.


2. Slime Hunter: Idle Warrior

Nobody has time for slow, sluggish growth! Slime Hunter: Idle Warrior Story is here to quench your thirst for a fast-paced, limitless idle RPG! Enjoy handsome rewards and rapid character development with no effort. A never-ending journey! Limitless adventure, unending fun in battles!

Defeat slimes while also training your warrior! Take an adventure and level up your warrior to seek out sealed relics. Become a one-of-a-kind warrior with unique abilities! Awaken your warrior’s hidden talent with over 30 skills. Get your hands on skills that suit your fighting style.


3. Slime Hunter : Wild Impact

Slime Hunter is a fantasy mobile game in which you hunt slime. The game is simple to play because it only requires your attention at times, with pixelated art and unique flashy skills on each character. Grind and collect a variety of items to gain advantages in the game, and kill the slime that threatens world peace!


4. Slime Evolution

Raise adorable slimes and manage your own slime farm! When two slimes are combined, a new slime appears. Slime can contain water, fire, or grass. Each element has unique properties, so choose wisely! Then, with your Slime, go on an adventure. During the adventure, you can obtain slime and jewelry. Make a unique Slime. Try to create a unique slime using a method other than the existing evolution method.


5. Slime adventure

Slime adventure is a new and addicting adventure RPG games, where you play as a slime in the massive RPG world. Here, you will need to take down other monster, hide, and be safe while you roam around this world. How long can you survive?


6. 15 Slimes! : Offline Action Defence

15 Slime is a new defense game by using slime. Prepare to assist cute Arya in becoming a Guardian with your Slime team! Your strategic decision and battle skill will permanently defeat dark enemies. Take your place and go defeat your enemies! You can create and position your own Slime squad. To defeat the enemy, each Slime has its own unique weapon and attack skill. To receive blessings, defeat enemies and capture their Guardians. Protect a young girl, Arya, until she grows into another powerful Guardian.


7. Slime Random Defense

Slime Random Defense is a cute game in which you must combine three slimes of the same color to upgrade your SLIME’s Star! Your life will be reduced if you do not defeat all of the enemies within a certain amount of time.

To earn more GOLD, complete various missions. Every round, send your SLIMES to the MINE for more GOLD! SHADES will be worn by powerful HERO SLIMES. LEVEL UP your slimes to increase their POWER! By clicking on your slimes, you can view detailed information about them. You can sell your slimes to gain GOLD!

8. Slime vs. Mushroom2

Because the war between mushrooms and slimes lasted so long, they learned how to deal with it. There was once a major conflict between them, and the leader of slime village was killed in the battle. Without the leader, they were annihilated in many battles and faced a difficult situation. Slime vs. Mushroom2 is a game where you become the leader of the slime and strategize a way to win against the mushroom!


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