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Mobile legends will soon present a mage with an OP damage soon. Here, various heroes with high magic damage such as hero assassins with lightning abilities is going to be released soon. Given this, of course many people are curious about how to counter mobile legends, heroes, with magic damage, right? Here we will provide some items that are Best Items for the Early game to Mitigate the Mobile Legends mage!

3 Best Items in Early Game To Block Mobile Legends Mage!

1. Magic Resist Cloak

Even though it is a tier 1 item, Magic Resist cloak has a reasonably low price that can be utilized to give defence for tankers, fighters, even marksmen and wizard. For merely 220 gold, users can buy this item and  sell it whenever they wish. Provides +18 magic defense, if players buy these 3 things, players will get 54 magic defense which is similar to 1 radiant armor that has 52 magic protection.

Magic Defense Mobile Legends

In addition, this item can also be sold for 132 gold or the equivalent of 1 laning, to obtain its gold back. If most enemies utilize magic damage or burst damage, and you don’t have gold, use this item to block the  damage.

2. Silence Robe

The second option that grants resistance to magic and increased health. In addition, a defence upgrade of 30 grants players bonuses as two magic-resist cloaks above with increased HP. The Silence Robe is a good tier 2 item, despite being more expensive than the Magic Resist Cloak.

Magic Defense Mobile Legends

This item can be used with other goods to offer the adversary defence. Before purchasing Athena Shield and Oracle, players can purchase Silence robe.

3. Radiant Armor

Radiant Armor grants a total of 112 magic defenses, which can be used to dispel an opponent’s magic defenses. It is currently the most powerful item for magic defense. The player will receive 950 health plus 12 health regeneration and 52 magic defense, however the passive offered by Radiant Armor is extremely important for dispelling enemy magic damage.

Magic Defense Mobile Legends

Every time a player takes magic damage, they gain one stack of Radiant armor, increasing their magic defense by up to 10 points. Radiant armor’s total of 6 stacks and 60 magic defense make it an excellent choice for eliminating META Mages.

Those are 3 Mobile Legends mage items that can be used to block additional damage given by enemies in the game and destroy future meta mages. But what do you think? Are there other items that you generally use to block damage from mages in the game?

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