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Netflix is renowned for its extensive library filled with different genres. Be it a thriller, horror, romantic classic, or comedy; you are never disappointed. Top TV shows and even Netflix original series are a big part of the Netflix library. From documentaries to sitcoms, you have it all! However, choosing among a plethora of choices can be difficult, hence the need for such guide you are reading right now.

We have curated this list for you of all the best sitcoms that you cannot miss out on Netflix. All you need is any of the Xtream Internet plans and you will enjoy these sitcoms without any connection hiccups. So let’s dive in!

Sitcoms You Cannot Miss Out On Netflix – USA 2022

1. Schitt’s Creek

This sitcom had swept Emmy 2019 clean! The show is about a family of four who lived the royal rich life but suddenly dropped to zero when their employee defrauds them. The Levy family goes corrupt and is only left with a small town in their name. The story picks up from their lives in the town and how they change and the ways they struggle with new people and a newer lifestyle while discovering themselves. With laughter kicks, it is a show that cannot be missed.

2. The Good Place

The sitcom is based on ‘the afterlife’. When a rude and selfish girl; Eleanor dies, she then lands in the good place which is heaven. The show depicts that there is no such thing as hell or heaven, but a ‘good place’ and a ‘bad place’. However, when the realization hits Eleanor that she was not a good person and does not deserve the ‘good place’, she goes to great lengths to keep this reality covered and mixes up with the people there while learning new morals and ethics.

3. Community

The show ‘Community’ takes place in a fictitious community college and centers on a study group of students who are all trying to figure out how to deal with the challenges in their personal lives. The ‘Community’ has succeeded in rising to the top of its category with six seasons, all thanks to its strong humor, a perfectly suited cast, and numerous pop culture allusions that are worth a watch.

4. Space Force

Space Force brings back all the memories of The Office and its infamous character; Michael Scott. The show revolves around General Mark R. Naird, played by our beloved Steve Carell. General Naird has a huge responsibility of a space mission on his shoulder, along with a teenage daughter. Life isn’t easy for him at all. He tried to make the best out of every concern regarding the space mission and lead it to success. The show is satirical with workplace comedy which makes it all perfect.

5. Family Reunion

‘Family Reunion’ is a family sitcom with a multi-generational family. The show truly depicts how messy it can get when several generations of the family come under one roof with different approaches to life. It gets chaotic but keeps hitting the comedy marks at the right point, which helps it earn a reputation as one of the best sitcoms on Netflix.

6. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Well, you might think that this series will be crazy or lunatic, but it’s not! Instead, the show was revolutionary. It offered incisive yet understated commentary on how women treat themselves and others as well. During its run, it also featured a rather diverse cast. It is a perfect parody of the conventions of musicals with Sondheim-caliber song-and-dance numbers while deriving its rom-com antics from the obsessive conduct and prior traumas of its protagonist Rebecca.

7. Grace and Frankie

When you first look at the glimpse of the series, you might think that it is not for the audience of a certain age group, but you cannot be more wrong. The show is about two widowed friends who decide to get together and marry each other since they are in love now. Everybody in their circle is shocked by the news and unaware of how to process it.

However, the show has a rather progressive approach that makes it worth your while. The show emphasizes the importance of being true to their identity and how love has no boundaries and age limits. It is witty and has hysterical bits you cannot miss.

So, there you have our selection of the top seven sitcoms available on Netflix. You must not skip out on them, or even judge them too quickly. We are positive that you are going to enjoy them just as much as we do.

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