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After being nerfed in multiple prior updates, Xborg Mobile Legends become one of the forgotten heroes. Since the nerf issued by Moonton some time ago, this hero is one of the characters who is nearly never use by their players. Moonton appears to be giving this Fighter hero a huge buffs in the most recent patch update for the Mobile Legends Advance server.

Xborg Mobile Legends Get Buffs!

Xborg Mobile Legends

In the patch update, it is known that the developer intends to boost Xborg’s mobility and build options to fix his gameplay. This is made by buffing his first Skill and ultimate. Xborg’s passive will no longer causes players to pause when he regains his Firaga armour, and his ultimate will be buffed to get the effect of magic items.

This means that equipment such as the Ice Queen Wand and the Glowing Wand will be included in one of the Fighter hero’s builds. Obviously, this fighter will also destroy the Tanker meta, as the damage dealt by the fighter hero, mainly because of the true damage.

But what do you guys think?

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