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Square Enix has finally released a new trailer for its Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile game, indicating that the game will soon be released in Japan. This game, which was previously rumoured to be released on Android and iOS, is based on the Full Metal Alchemist anime series, here is a new trailer for the game.

Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile Release New Trailer:

There, we can see several characters that will be present in the game starting from Edward Elric, Alphonse, Winry, Ling Yao, Louis Armstrong, Lan Fan, Fu and many more! In addition, we can also see the gameplay of this FMA Mobile game through the trailer above, with a mix of Turn-based RPGs and a few aspects of gacha games.

This FMA Mobile game series is based on the 20th anniversary of the anime/manga that was released in 2001. For those who are not familiar with the FMA manga or anime, this game tells about Edward, and Alphonse Elric who have done a taboo thing, namely trying to resurrect his mother using alchemy. Due to a mistake, both of them lost part of their body, with Alphonse losing all of his body. On their journey, the two become state alchemists to obtain information related to the Philosopher stone that can be used to restore their bodies.

Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile Release

It’s still unknown whether the Full Metal Alchemist Mobile game will be released globally, but considering that this game was developed by Square Enix, the possibility is not zero. Full Metal Alchemist is a mobile game that can be played on android, iOS, and PC using an emulator!

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