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Even if there are numerous car games in the app store, especially for Android, there are not that many that feature a war mobile/war car that can destroy everything. Therefore, we are going to give you some recommendations today. Here are the 7 best mobile war games for Android that offer auto combat games for your Android device. Check it out!

You can play Best War Mobile Games below on PC by Using Emulator:

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7 Best Android Games with War Mobile in 2022!

1. Crash Drive 3

Are you prepared for THE playground for car stunts? In this cross-platform, free-roaming, multiplayer game, you’ll have an absurd amount of fun. Drive monster trucks, tanks, and other incredible vehicles in an expansive open environment. Level up, participate in events, earn money, unlock new vehicles, and uncover secrets…. Crash Drive has returned!


2. Demolition Derby 3

The third series of Demolition Derby is also an option for individuals who enjoy vehicular combat. There are no missiles or lasers in this game; instead, the confrontations involve automobiles colliding into one other. Important features are kept in this third series, however there are numerous enhancements compared to the prior two series.

This game features, among others, 100 playable vehicles, additional campaign types, multiplayer, and so on. You can also personalize the automobiles to your liking. In addition, its performance can be enhanced to make it more formidable in the arena. As a vehicular combat game on Android, Demolition Derby 3 is a viable option.



Construct your own combat robot and unleash its might in this gorgeous PvP game! From the creators of Cut, the Rope and King of Thieves comes the most inventive and fashionable battle bot builder! Join over 200 million gamers from across the globe and become the Arena’s star! Obtain the game now for free and become a Crash Arena superstar!


4. Steel Rage

Tired of massive tanks and enormous combat robots? Steel Rage is an online car shooter wargame. Fight players from around the globe in this new FREE PvP action shooter featuring mech vehicles. Choose your war machine, combat weapons, and talents, then charge into conflict. Upgrade and modify your machines to suit your preferences and combat style. Become a champion of PvP combat!


5. METAL MADNESS PvP: Car Shooter

Metal Madness: frantic automobile PvP. New 2022 shooter with sniping, shooting, brawls, and regal battles! Take on combatants and snipers from all around the world. A bizarre post-apocalyptic tour of bullet arenas. Load your weapons and charge into a crossfire derby like a special operations team! Machineguns, thrusters, bombs, flamethrowers, rockets, and sniper rifles have been added to our games.


6. Crossout Mobile – PvP Action

Crossout mobile is a renowned post-apocalyptic action game with real-time team combat. The chaotic post-apocalyptic earth has become a vast battlefield. Unafraid raiders with lethal armed vehicles compete for resources and dominance. In a post-apocalyptic war, construct your own full-metal monster and reduce your foes to slag!


7. Crimson Wheels

Crimson Wheels is a game unlike any other, where the only things that make sense are frantic racing and shooting. For the amusement of millions, hop inside some of the most armed and amazing vehicles ever created and plow through arenas packed with mutant beasts. Welcome to the future, where the most exciting television program has ever aired!


You now have access to a selection of the very greatest war mobiles games that can be played on your android device. The majority of these games combine exciting racing action with intriguing first-person shooter elements. If you are interested in any of those, then you should check out the list that was just presented.

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