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Tyranitar will be the next Pokemon to appear in the MOBA Pokemon Unite game on August 15th. After releasing Buzzwole, TiMi Studio will present a Rock/Dark Type Pokemon with the name Tyranitar, here is the leaked information about the Moveset that will be owned by Tyranitar before its release.

Moveset Leaks from Tyranitar in Pokemon Unite:

Pokemon Unite Tyranitar

Tyranitar itself will go through 2 phases of evolution, starting from Larvitar, and Pupitar until finally becoming Tyranitar. Just like other Pokemon in the game, this Pokemon has 2 active skills 1 basic attack skill, and a Pokemon Unite Move which can be used to kill enemy Pokemon, here is the information:

Basic Attacks:

Just like other Pokemon, this Pokemon has a boosted attack that will increase the damage of the basic attack every 3rd hit. The effect of the basic attack mechanic will also change when Tyranitar’s use his Unite Move.


Tyranitar’s passive will depend on the Pokemon’s in-game evolution:

  • Larvitar – Shed Skin, shields Pokemon after getting damage to health, and removes the CC effect.
  • Pupitar – Guts, deals additional damage for a while when getting damage to a certain health/
  • Tyranitar – Sand stream, dealing damage to surrounding enemies with sand, every time using a skill will get additional Def and SP.Def

Skill 1

Pokemon Unite Tyranitar

Skill 1 of Tyranitar is the same as other Pokemon, will change from level 5, and can be upgraded further after reaching a certain level, here is the explanation:

  • Level 1 – Bite: Deals damage to the enemy, and if HP reaches a certain limit the target will stun
  • Level 5 – Dark Pulse: deals damage to enemies horizontally, and stuns, has a short cooldown, and when it hits the same enemy, the damage dealt will increase.
  • Level 5 – Stone Edge – Deals damage to enemies in the form of AoE. This move will deal higher damage depending on the distance between the tyranitar and the enemy, interestingly, this skill can be used 3 times in a row.

Skill 2:

Skill 2 from Tyranitar will be given when Larvitar reaches level 3 and provides a variety of interesting skill sets that can be used to kill enemies. here is the explanation:

  • Level 3 – Rock Polish: Gives a dash effect, and deals damage to enemies hit along the way. For every enemy that is hit, the player’s attack stat will increase for a while.
  • Level 9 – Ancient Power: Tyranitar charges its power before releasing it in a shockwave that will deal damage and stun, after which the player will get a movement speed increase and immune cc. Every time it hits an enemy, the effect will increase by a maximum of 3x.
  • Level 9 – Sand Tomb: dash to the enemy to the specified area, then jump, give a stun effect and scatter sand with the ability to reduce the movement speed of the enemy, after that, the scattered sand can be reused to attract enemies near Tyranitar.

Unity Moves:

The Tyranitar unite move called Tyranitar Rampage will increase the user’s movement speed for a while. Changes basic attack to Stomp with high damage, and instantly kills enemies with low health. Once again, Tyranitar will be a new addition to the MOBA Pokemon Unite game on August 15th.

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If you are interested in Tyranitar, the Pokemon Unite MOBA game can be played for free on AndroidiOS, and PC by using an emulator!

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