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The MOBA game Mobile Legends unveiled its latest patch update, version 1.7.04, which was released lately. In addition to the release of Fredrinn, the strongest Fighter/Tanker in terms of regeneration, Moonton also implements nerfs and buffs for a number of existing heroes. One of them is Thamuz Mobile Legends, which is deemed too dominant, therefore its damage is nerfed.

Thamuz Mobile Legends Get Nerf from Moonton!

Thamuz Mobile Legends Nerf

Several prior Thamuz Mobile Legends patches buff the passive’s damage substantially. The mini-refresh offered by Moonton not only enhances the hero’s damage, but also his pick rate popularity. In the 1.7.04 patch, Moonton nerfed his ability by increasing the cooldown of his first ability from two to three seconds.

Although this is not a substantial nerf, it is an effort to minimize the damage done by Thamuz’s hero, who is excessively disgusting.

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