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Exploring the realm of Tower of Fantasy, players will undoubtedly discover a little black cave known as the Tar Pit. This small black cave turns out to be an exploration spot that rewards players with Black or Gold Nucleus upon discovery. This is a guide to the Black Tar Pit Cave in Tower of Fantasy, which can provide you with either a Black or gold Nucleus during the game.

Tower of Fantasy Exploration Points – Tar Pit

Tower of Fantasy Exploration point

Tar Pit is one of the exploration points in the Tower of Fantasy Global game, Here, players only need to hit the tar pit with a fire elemental weapon in the game to complete the exploration point.

After that, players will get an animation of the black hole/cave burning, and players will get Gold or Black Nucleus as a reward. However, if the player does not have a fire elemental weapon, the player can use a Flame Core and throw it at the tar pit to get the same effect.

After that, players can take and use the Gold/Black Nucleus to get Simulacra or gacha in the Tower of Fantasy game.

About Tower of Fantasy:

Tower of Fantasy tells the story of a world called Aida, where humans cannot live without something called the Suppressor. Because, for some reason, if a human lived without the suppressor, that human would turn into a monster that lived by instinct. The player, who is the protagonist, will be saved by Zeke and Shirly who are the caretakers of Hykros, which is one of the shelters for humans in the post-apocalyptic period. Losing memory, players are faced with the difficult choice of killing your savior or not.

Download Tower of Fantasy by using this link here, or play it on PC by using Emulator!

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GuideTower of Fantasy
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