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8 Heroes that will be buff in the next Mobile Legends patch note update!

Moonton Games recently presented a new patch update on the Mobile Legends advance server. Presenting a new patch with buff changes, nerfs and adjustments for several existing heroes, of course many players are curious about what Moonton will do in the MOBA game they are developing. Here’re the buffs given by the heroes in the MOBA game, here are some heroes who will get improvements in the game in the future.

Buff Mobile Legends Heroes Patch 1.7.16 – 8 September 2022 [Advance Server]

1. Joy

Buff Mobile Legends Patch

Joy gets a buff in her 1st skill to make it easier for players to use the mechanics she has.

  • Damage Bonus: 40% Magic Power >> 120% Magic Power
    Cooldown: 5s >> 4s
    Duration: 2.4s >> 1.2s

2. Gusion

Buff Mobile Legends Patch

Gusion gets a buff in the bug fix that makes him even more OP, even though it reduces the damage from his passive.

  • Damage per stack: 5% of target’s HP reduced >> 4%
    HP Regen: 80% damage >> 50 per stack + 25% Magic Power (4 stacks)
    Fixed an issue where Gusion’s passive basic attack effect didn’t work in certain situations.

3. Alice

Alice’s attributes and roles make it difficult to get certain builds, with this update, Alice is expected to be able to play as a tank mage with mechanics that depend on Blood Orbs.

  • HP Growth: 201 >> 169
    Mana Growth: 110 >> 0
  • New Passive Effects:
    2 Blood orbs will be given immediately when the hero dies, and will regenerate Alice’s health.
    For all 12 Orbs obtained, Alice will get 10% CDR, Mana regen
    Effect removed: gain 50 mana when getting orbs
  • Ultimates:
    Mana Cost: 40-80 >> 80-120
    HP Regen: 60-80 + 20% Magic Power >> 60-100 + 10% Magic Power
    Damage: 120-160 + 50% Magic Power >> 60-120 + 20% magic attacks + (0.5-1.5% + 0.5% per 1000 Max Mana) Max HP

4. Pharsa:

Buff Mobile Legends Patch

Since the given nerf, Pharsa’s popularity has declined, and the developers have taken back the nerf they previously gave away.

  • Passive
    Fixed the issue where the passive couldn’t get item effects and spell vamps. Damage: 150 + 120% Magic Power >> (8 + 1% per 200 Magic Power) Max HP
  • Ultimate
    Base Damage: 570-870 >> 600-900
    Cooldown: 46-38 >> 42-34

5. Natalia:

The dev provides a buff, minimizing the nerf given in the previous patch.

  • Passive
    Disappearing duration: 0.3s >> 0.6s
  • Ultimate
    Cooldown: 4s >> 3s

6. Julian:

The dev provides a buff, minimizing the nerf given in the previous patch.

  • Passive
    Skills Cooldown: 10.5-7s >> 9.5-6s

7. Minsitthar

Improved laning and roaming abilities in the early game.

  • Skill 2
    Base Shield: 200-600 >> 350-600
    Hitbox enlarged.

8. Valir:

Ability in late game improved a bit.

  • Skill 1
    Charge: 8.5s >> 9-6.5s

That’s a total of 8 Mobile Legends Heroes who will receive buff in Moonton’s MOBA Mobile game in the future patch. Patch 1.7.16, released on September 8, is currently being tested on the advance server, and not all upgrades will be sent to the heroes in Original Server.

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