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Android phones frequently include the application lock function to protect their phone from snooper. These capabilities are also available as default tools from the manufacturer. Unfortunately, Apple does not give a straightforward option to lock apps on the iPhone. However, there is a specific iPhone-style function that may be used to password-protect the application’s contents so that it cannot be opened.

How to Lock iPhone Apps:

1. Time limit

Lock iPhone Apps

You can utilize the time limit feature to lock programs on the iPhone because there are no special tools offered. This function starts the timer. When the time restriction is exceeded, the phone automatically shuts off and locks, necessitating the use of a screen password to unlock it.

Here’s the how to:

  • Unlock your phone
  • Swipe and open the ‘Control Panel’
  • Click the ‘Timer‘ menu which is marked with a needle and circle icon
  • Go to the ‘Timer‘ section usually in the lower right corner
  • Set the amount of access time by sliding hours, minutes, seconds at the top
  • Click the ‘On Stop’ option
  • In the window that appears, scroll down and tick ‘Stop Playing’
  • Click ‘Set’ in the top right corner
  • Click ‘Start’ to run the timer.

If everything is set, you may hand over your phone to someone else. On the lockscreen, you can also view the duration. After the time is finished, your phone is going to shut off and lock itself.

2. Face ID

Lock iPhone Apps

Face ID, is a security feature, that may also be used to lock apps on the iPhone. Unfortunately, like with the first way, this security feature is only available to select programs. Typically, an application with appropriate settings may be secured with Face ID. Digital bank apps and electronic wallets are two examples. You may activate it by doing the following:

  • Go to settings
  • Find and click on the ‘Face ID & Passcode‘ option
  • Enter screen password
  • Select ‘More Apps’
  • and pick the app that you want to lock

By turning on this feature, you need Face ID if you want to access certain applications. It’s safer! You can also activate a similar method if the iPhone series you are using is still using Touch ID.

3. Guided Access

Instead of locking each program separately, why not limit access to just one? If your friend wants to use Instagram, just allow him access to Instagram. To start another program, he needs enter a password. On the iPhone, this feature is called as ‘Guided Access’.’ Before you can use it, you must first activate it. The process:

  • Go to settings
  • Scroll and click ‘Accessibility
  • Find and enter the ‘Guided Access‘ menu in the General settings group, at the bottom
  • Slide the toggle to on until it turns green
  • Click ‘Passcode Settings‘ to set the access password

4. Screen time

iPhone includes a screen time function that works similarly to a timer to limit the amount of time you spend using apps. When screen time is enabled, you can only access the program within the time period specified. This functionality, on the other hand, may be used to lock programs on the iPhone. To activate it, the steps are:

  • Open the ‘Settings‘ menu depicted by the gear icon
  • Click the ‘Screen Time
  • Scroll and open the ‘Content & Privacy Restrictions‘ menu
  • Select the ‘Allowed Apps‘ option
  • Turn off the toggle of the application that you want to turn off or become inaccessible
  • Click ‘Back‘ to apply the newly applied settings.

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