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After presenting the aspirant skin which was reportedly only available for a limited time for a while, it turns out that Moonton will be presented the same event again in the Mobile Legends game, re-introducing Miss Hikari Layla and Fanny Blade of Kibou.

The long-awaited anime skin collaboration will be available for one month from September 24, to October 27, and will feature skins, emotes and more!

Mobile Legends Skin Event Aspirant From Moonton

This Aspirant Mobile Legends skin will present 2 limited skins, namely Layla Miss Hikari, and Fanny Blade of Kibou. Giving an opportunity to those who didn’t have time to get the two skins in the Moonton Mobile Legends game at a cheaper price than before. This is because for 1 month every day, players will get a 50% discount off the first draw every day.

Players also have the opportunity to get epic skins or more definitely including Layla Miss Hikari and Fanny Blade of Kibou, when using the first 10x draw with 1 orb of hope. Use the Orb of Hope in Hope Amplifier mode to hit Terrinia Boxes to unlock even better skins, including Layla’s “Miss Hikari” skin, Fanny’s “Blade of Kibou” and other epic skins.

Duplicate Skins will give pass fragments, which can be combined 30 pieces as 1 pass to get Aspirant Unite. If interested, players can take part in the Aspirant Mobile Legends Moonton anime event on September 24!

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