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The Fog of War anti-cheat system is an anti-cheat system developed by PUBG Mobile that succeeded in thwarting cheaters who used x-rays or wall hack. Fog of War is the only system that is used with an anti-cheat system in any mobile game today.

This technology has succeeded in reducing cheaters in the battle royale game by 50% from the test period, and PUBG will continue to improve this anti-cheat system until it can reach 100%.

PUBG Mobile New Anti Cheat System Fog of War for Wall Hack

Fog of War restricts the information provided by players, so they cannot see players outside the range of view or obstacles they have. The algorithm from Fog of War will scan every existing structure, calculate what can be seen by the player, and provide the available information to the player.

Prior to release and testing, Fog of War had a reduction in cheat complaints of more than 50%, and in some situations reduced by 62%. PUBG Mobile uses this system to reduce the addition of cheaters in the battle royale mobile game which is the main problem for the mobile game.

By using Fog of War’s anti-cheat system, players are forced to play fair with existing restrictions. If you are interested, you can play PUBG Mobile without Wall Hack right now on Android and iOS!

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