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Moonton announced that in October, players will get a new starlight skin for hero mages with Eudora’s massive burst damage. Named Cosmic Voyage Eudora, the skin has the same theme as Space Mech Atlas, where the hero mage gets a change in the modern era with the new Starlight October 2022 Skin!

Eudora Starlight October 2022 Skin, Cosmic Voyage

Eudora Starlight October 2022

This skin is the 6th skin for Eudora’s hero after Flame Red Lips, Christmas Carnival, Emerald Enchantress, Vivo Selfie Goddess and Countess Scarlet. Eudora’s Cosmic Voyage changed not only the design but the skill effect that even lowered the degree of the Epic skin Emerald Enchantress.

Eudora looks very beautiful and attractive in her new design, with yellow hair compared to the white colour in her default skin. Eudora was clad in a new outfit in her latest design with a futuristic cloak flipped over with a black leotard.

Eudora Cosmic Voyage’s Skill Effect Change

Eudora Starlight October 2022

Not using the same skill effect as the original skin, now Eudora emits purple lightning every time she uses Forked Lighting. He will also issue a purple ball when using her 2 Ball Lighting skill. For her own ultimate, Eudora will summon a drone that will emit purple lightning repeatedly.

Eudora Cosmic Voyage Skin Price and Date Leaked!

Just like other Starlight skins, Eudora Cosmic Voyage will be present in the game on October 1, 2022, to be exact. This Eudora starlight skin will be priced at 550 Diamonds.

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