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Some children may have difficulty sleeping, which prevents their parents from getting sufficient rest. Toddlers with this issue may need to try to use the Dumb Ways to Sleep app from PlaySide Studio, the same company that created the Dumb Ways to Die game!

Dumb Ways to Sleep to Learn How to Rest Properly

Dumb Ways to Sleep

This application is designed to provide a youngster with knowledge and instruction on how to learn to sleep. Dumb Ways to Sleep will combine storytelling and meditation to assist parents in calming down their hyperactive youngsters.

The application also employs scientific techniques to assist your hyperactive youngsters to sleep peacefully. In addition, iconic characters from the Dumb Ways series, such as Klutz and Bozo, will give instructions on how to sleep properly.

Dumb Ways to Sleep

The app will propose meditation techniques, music, and other sounds to help your child fall asleep. Downloading Dumb Ways to Sleep is presently free, however using it requires a membership subscription.

Users that are interested can now get it on Android and iOS!

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