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Xiaomi recently release MIUI 13 updates for most of their devices, still got some lag after the update, here’re’s how to solve it!

Xiaomi has released MIUI 13 for their devices. They have now stated that a number of other Xiaomi phones would receive the MIUI 13 upgrade in the second batch. And all Xiaomi devices that are expected to receive the MIUI 13 upgrade will receive an immediate notification to install the update.

What happens if you have issues or bug updating it, such as a smartphone that freezes or overheats after installing MIUI 13? The following is about what you should do if your gadget lags, heats up, or has other issues!

MIUI 13 Lag, Freeze, Overheat After Update, What should you do?

If your Xiaomi device experiences latency or overheating after updating to MIUI 13, you must wait until the optimization is complete. Users should wait at least 1-2 weeks before updating MIUI 13.

However, even after finishing the optimization process, and if the problem is still persisting. You can then reset your smartphone. This could be due to a conflict between an existing update and the program applications you’re using.

As a result, it is highly recommended that you reset your smartphone before doing a big or major update. Otherwise, consumers can wait for the next update if they are still experiencing the same issue.

4 Ways to Solve MIUI 13 Lag, Overheat, Freeze After Update:

Solve MIUI 13 Lag

  • Wait 1-2 weeks to get device optimization
  • Wait for the next patch update
  • Reset the phone before updating MIUI 13
  • Do a rollback, the previous MIUI version to remove the problem

That’s some information about the MIUI 13 upgrade, as well as potential solutions to the current problem. If the issue persists, please contact Xiaomi through their official website. Hopefully, this guide will assist you in finishing the MIUI 13 update.

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