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Gatot Kaca Mobile Legends has recently become the talk recently. Mainly because, the hero who is currently on the rise after the rework, turns out to have a bug that is quite Overpowered in the game. The bug utilizes the passive effect of Gatot kaca after the rage bar is red, and uses 1 item in the game. The following is an explanation of the passive Gatot Kaca Mobile Legends bug which is now a hot topic.

Gatot Kaca’s Passive Bug in Mobile Legends

Gatot Kaca Mobile Legends Bug

By using items that can be purchased at the item shop, players can get utilize this bug. The bug can activate the passive of Gatot Kaca many times in a row.

Gatot Kaca Mobile Legends Bug

The item purchased is the Golden staff which can be used to make the passive of all abilities of the hero 3x. When combined with Gatot Kaca, for some reason this effect can be used many times, thus dealing unreasonable damage.

How to activate the Gatot Kaca Mobile Legends Bug:

Gatot Kaca Mobile Legends Bug

  • Farming Until Money reaches 2000 Gold
  • Buy Golden Staff Item
  • Enjoy!

However, please note that this bug cannot be used and activated for all players as stated by Hororo chan in her Youtube Video. So if you are lucky, you can only use this Gatot Kaca bug.

How to Play Mobile Legends on PC:

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