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Best android games 2022, adventure game genre in mobile. Those that are looking forward to an adventure game with a cool and awesome story should definitely check out the list here. Much like the previous list that offers best sims games and Action RPG games, here are some of the best Adventure games you can find on mobile android.

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Best Adventure Game Mobile Android:

1. Dad’s Monster House

Dad’s Monster House – You must visit a home you haven’t been to in many years after receiving an unexpected call in the middle of the night. You must solve one riddle after another in order to uncover your father’s secret from scenes that are linked with memories. You have the power to either turn this tragic tale around or let it go entirely.

I chose a black-and-white art style instead of using bold, vibrant colors. You as the player may actually feel the ups and downs of the protagonist’s emotions thanks to the fragmented narration, plethora of riddles, and sensitive sound designs. As you gather more things, continue to unravel the plot.



TOHU – Explore a brand-new adventure game set in a universe of bizarre and wondrous fish planets. Discover the truth about a fascinating little girl and her mechanical alter ego, Cubus, as you explore stunning locations and solve complex riddles.

On your quest to repair the Sacred Engine, you will explore vibrant and evocative environments, encounter intriguing personalities, and solve complex riddles. As The Girl, you are nimble and agile, allowing you to access parts of the world that others cannot.

Utilizing the power of Cubus, you can transform into The Girl’s mechanical companion, Cubus, at any time. Need to move something heavy? Need large, powerful arms to capture lightbulb fly as they pass? Need to win an impromptu arm-wrestling match with a mysterious and yet somehow tangible reflection of yourself? Cubus has your back.


3. Milo and the Magpies

Milo and the Magpies – Milo, an inquisitive and daring cat, must find his way home after encountering several annoying magpies. Assist Milo in sneaking through the gardens of his neighbors by exploring and solving the riddles you encounter. Can you outwit the persistent magpies and lead Milo home? Milo and the Magpies is an atmospheric point-and-click adventure game made by the artist Johan Scherft, who hand-painted and animated all of the environments and characters.


4. Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation – Ellen Ripley told her daughter she would return to Earth for her 11th birthday before leaving the planet. She never made it. Amanda Ripley discovers fifteen years later that the flight recorder from her mother’s ship has been found.

Amanda enters the Sevastopol space station in an attempt to unravel the mystery behind her mother’s abduction, only to encounter an unknown threat. As you navigate the complex Sevastopol station, you’ll embark on a perilous survival adventure. Unprepared and underequipped, you will need all of your intelligence and courage to survive.


5. Cat Museum

Cat Museum – In the middle of nowhere, a museum is guarded by a weird cat. A young boy becomes the museum’s manager and undertakes the task of rebuilding the institution. While searching for hidden information and solving puzzles, he must contend with his naughty cat. The further he investigates, the closer he gets to the terrifying reality.

He recalls the thunderous screaming that echoed underneath the blood-red sky. Time froze, day and night merged into one, rubble and trash were strewn everywhere, and there was faint breathing emanating from beneath the wardrobe. What sort of monstrosity is spawned within by this ethereal and distant childhood memory?


6. Bad End Theater

Thank you for coming to the BAD END THEATER! Choose who you want to play as and put them through a variety of horrible deaths! The choices you make in one of the stories will have repercussions for the others. You have the ability to change these behaviors in order to discover new avenues. Unfortunately, there is no way out of this mess but through it. Can you think of a solution to save this group of unfortunate characters?


7. My Darkest Moment

My Darkest Moment is a game with remarkable emotional weight despite its brevity and depth. Our main character is not blessed. Instead, they are marginalized, despondent, and mired in their own troubles.

Step by step, they make their way through crowded streets, mask-clad people, and into a consuming darkness. Between the linked images of the real world and their illusion, our protagonist is disoriented. Would you jump in and confront their true self?


8. El Hijo – A Wild West Tale

“El Hijo – A Wild West Tale” is a nonviolent stealth game in which you rely on a small child’s mischievous, fun nature. Utilizing the shadows to his advantage is a fundamental aspect of the game, since “El Hijo” must frequently conceal. Without unnecessarily adding new concepts, the gameplay is expanded by progressively introducing variants of existing mechanics and combining them to increase the difficulty. “El Hijo” must cross a variety of progressively perilous locations in order to attain his ultimate objective, which frequently leads to the occurrence of these novel mechanics.

As a six-year-old, “El Hijo” must constantly avoid the perils of his environment. As he overcomes obstacles, he grows self-assurance, becomes more crafty, and devises additional strategies to defeat his adversaries. His epic adventure will take him through a lonely monastery, a harsh and inhospitable stretch of desert, and a lawless frontier settlement.


9. Adventure Reborn: story game

Adventure Reborn – You have the ability to make choices that have an impact on the narrative of a game called Adventure Reborn, which follows the lives of a loving family. Rescue Hope’s parents, who have been taken captive by an unknown sect. You choose who to put your faith in. You have the power to assist Hope in reuniting with her lost loved ones!



A kingdom formed by music faces an uncertain future when a destructive ‘Hollow Rain’ is unleashed by a monster known as ‘The Ancestor’ This perilous rain forces anyone it falls upon to “bloom,” transforming into a shower of white flower petals and eventually vanishing from existence. DEEMO II follows Echo, a girl who has unexpectedly reappeared after blooming, and Deemo, a strange station Guardian, as they traverse this rain-soaked world in search of a solution to preserve it.


There you have it, some of the best android adventure games on mobile. The game offers cool stories and gameplay, but most of them are premium that is definitely worth every penny!

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