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After a lengthy procedure, Moonton proves in court that they had not engaged in any form of plagiarism. This information provided by Tencent on the plagiarism complaint proved to be defamatory. In 2019, when Moonton sued Tencent for creating and spreading false information about Mobile Legends and League of Legends plagiarizing each other, it turned out to be accurate.

Moonton no Plagiarism, Tencent Defamation!

Moonton Tencent

The court ultimately ruled with Moonton and held the company accountable for causing substantial harm to Moonton’s business. According to the China Judgment Documents Network, this seemingly endless case has finally achieved a conclusion. Tencent was ordered to reimburse Moonton for losses totalling approximately 220 thousand yuan after the court determined that Tencent had committed libel.

Moonton sued the company for unfair competition

After a trial in 2020, a Shanghai court finally ruled that Tencent had committed defamation of the first degree. New information indicates, however, that Tencent has filed an appeal with the Shanghai intellectual property court.

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