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How to Download the Season 10 Guide for Call of Duty (COD) Mobile from the Activision Public Test Server. Activision has just released a Public Test Build for the 10 season’s Call of Duty Mobile game. Similar to the previous test, the COD Mobile Season 10 2022 Test Server is accessible to both iOS and Android users.

This test server contains new content for players, including new weapons, changes to weapon buffs and nerfs, new maps, and more.

How to Download and Play COD Mobile Season 10 2022 Test Server:

COD Mobile Test Serve

The COD Mobile Season 10 Public Test Build has finally been released. This server test began on October 14, 2022, and those interested in playing can try downloading the 32-bit and 64-bit versions. In case you were unaware, the 64-bit version is better suited for high-end devices, while the 32-bit version is better suited for older model phones.

COD Mobile Season 10 2022 is available for download via the following link:

Downloads For Android Players:

  • Select Download 32-bit [here] Download 64-bit [here]
  • After downloading the apk file using the link above, players can immediately install the game.
  • Remember to allow installation from unknown files

Please note here, players must have around 700-800MB to download the game and install COD Mobile Season 10.

Download For iOS Player:

  • For iOS players, players only need to have Apple Testflight installed on their smartphones.
  • After that, you can download the COD Mobile Test Server.
  • That’s it, and players can play the Season 10 2022 version of COD Mobile.

What You Need to Know from COD Mobile Season 10 2022 Test Server:

Players should be aware that Activision only permits 30,000 Android and iOS users to access the public test server. Install and play the mobile game COD Mobile Season 10 2022 immediately to gain access to the latest version of Call of Duty Mobile.

In order to download the game, you must also have an internal storage capacity of 700-800MB and 2GB for the game’s files. Similarly to the previous update, this public test is still being developed.

There are still numerous bugs throughout the text, artwork, and other content. Activision will fix certain builds prior to their official release, and those interested can reinstall the game using the link provided above.

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