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Moonton is looking to give a buff or a little revamp talent to Mobile Legends hero Minotaur whose popularity is now on the increase due to a viral TikTok video. This one hero is a tank hero who is incredibly powerful if use right.

This hero must fulfil a number of prerequisites before it may be employed in team battles, despite dealing True damage that is effective against any foe. This is what prompted Moonton to revamp the tank, The following is the information regarding the makeover of the Minotaur Mobile Legends mini-hero.

Minotaur Mobile Legends Mini Revamp:

The Revamp that Moonton gives isn’t all that much. With this reason, the ultimate Minotaur, which is very useful in team fights, has too many requirements. This is what makes Mino a little hard to use in team play late in the game, and the Developer has finally made it easier for Minotaur to use his ultimate by lowering the requirements. At the same time, they lower the number of CC effects that you have to give before you can get the ultimate level 4.

Patch Note Minotaur Mobile Legends – October 19, 2022:

  • Rage no longer decreases
  • Skill 1 gives Airborn knock-up effect
  • Ultimate gets nerf and gets an additional reduction in rage from 5 >> 3. The first and second hits no longer have a knock-up effect but only a 70% slow effect.

The patch note certainly provides sufficient balance for Minotaur. It looks like in the future Minotaur will get more users and increase in popularity.

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