By Jay / / 2022 Android Apps Featured – Best Ruler apps on android are sometimes useful especially when you are in need to measure something in quick succession. These apps usually let you measure something immediately and help you with your school or work. Hopefully, these apps can be a help to you, so check them out!

Best Ruler Apps on Android 2022

1. Ruler by NixGames

The Ruler app features a unit converter (millimeters to inches and centimeters to inches), a calculation of the length, a straight line, a calculation of the area, the ability to define the thread pitch, a caliper, and an online ruler, among other capabilities.


2. Ruler by Xalpha Lab

Ruler – Xalpha, A precise, easy, and user-friendly ruler for your mobile device! When you do not have a ruler on hand, you may calibrate the ruler with a coin or credit card and use it anywhere! To ensure that your measurement transfers are as precise as possible, you should calibrate your ruler with a genuine ruler.


3. Ruler App – Measure length in

Ruler application for mobile devices. Everything can be measured using a gorgeous on-screen ruler. Select either inches or centimeters. Tap the screen to begin utilizing the best multi-touch measurement technique and discover the dimensions of any intriguing items in your immediate vicinity.


4. AR Ruler App: Tape Measure Cam

The AR Ruler app utilizes augmented reality technology (AR) to use your phone’s camera to measure a room, home, or house. Target the detected plane and initiate the use of the AR tape measure. Using new computer technology, try to room scan and floor plan you’re home.


5. Smart Ruler

The Smart Ruler is included in the first set of Smart Tools. This application measures the length of a small object when the screen is touched. How to play the game is really straightforward. Place an object on the device’s display. Adjust the object to the screen’s left. Touch the display, adjust the red line, and read the distance.


6. Ruler App: Camera Tape Measure

The AR Ruler app uses augmented reality technology (AR) to use your smartphone’s camera to measure the real environment. Target the detected plane and initiate the use of the ar tape measure. The Photo Ruler software is designed to measure the size of any object precisely by taking a picture of it or measuring it on the screen. The Photo Ruler app allows you to measure objects with the same ease and accuracy as a traditional millimetre ruler or a tape measure.


7. Ruler by Keuwlsoft

A basic yet really useful on-screen ruler. No Permissions, No Ads, and Free. Sizes itself automatically to fit the majority of displays. However, verify scaling with a standard ruler before use. If the measurement is incorrect, press CAL and adjust the ruler to the correct size.


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