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Genshin Impact New Character Leaks. Sumeru’s release on Genshin Impact marks the third major update to Hoyoverse’s game since the previous update. Here are the leaked Genshin Impact Patch 3.3 and higher characters that is going to be released in the game next. Check it out!

Genshin Impact 3.3 or More Character Leaks:

Patch 3.3:


Scaramouche or Kunikuzushi is said to be using Anemo elements in the next patch update which is 3.3. Uncle Lu and hxg diluc revealed on Twitter that there is an 80% chance that this 5 star character will appear in the game. However, it is currently unknown whether this character’s playstyle will be DPS or Support.


Faruzan is a 4-star character who, according to rumors, will be released alongside Scaramouche as an anemo character that utilizes a bow. Faruzan is rumoured to be a short female character who serves as Scaramouche’s ally, although her appearance has not yet been determined.

Patch 3.4:


Yaoyao has been the most anticipated character since the beginning of the game release. Aside from promotional art and a few other character voice lines, such as those of Xiangling, Ganyu, and beido, the game provides no additional information regarding Yaoyao. This character is rumored to be a *4-star dendro elemental character with a Catalyst weapon.

Patch 3.5:


Through Archon Quest, Dehya’s in the game will utilize a claymore. She is a 5-star character who utilizes pyro elements. This was confirmed by Uncle Lu on his Twitter account, and it is expected to be included in the upcoming Genshin Impact 3.5 patch.

Patch 3.6:


Baizhu, the spectacled character that fans have awaited since his debut in version 1.0, will become available in the near future. The Doctor who arrives in Liyue to save them will be a five-star character who is known to employ Dendro with the Catalyst weapon. Despite not being confirmed, it is evident whether or not this character will appear alongside Yaoyao in patch 3.4. Several leakers indicate that it will be included in patch 3.6.

Other Unknown Genshin Impact Leak Character:


Alhaitham is much similar to Dehya for the first time in the Archon Quest, where it is discovered. It is confirmed that this 5-star character with dendro element and sword as his main weapon. He is a 5-star character. However, there is no information regarding the release date of this Genshin Impact character.


Kaveh is portrayed as a poor, and frequently in debt character. Kaveh is said to be the architect who constructed the Palace of Alcazarzaray and Alhaitham’s roommate. Even the design, stars, and weapons of this character are unknown at this time.


Mika is a member of the Eula Reconnaissance Company whose release date is currently unknown. Mika, rumoured to utilize Cryo elements and Polearm weapons, will be featured in this Genshin Impact-developed game. We will update this information in the future. It is currently unknown when the exact release date will coincide with Alhaitham and Kaveh.

These are some of the characters confirmed to appear in the forthcoming Genshin Impact. Genshin Impact will release a number of leaks, such as trailers, as the release date approaches, however, the actual date is unknown. Wait for additional details from Hoyoverse.

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