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Season 3 Champions of Apex Legends Mobile will finally introduce a new legend Revenant. The leak regarding Revenant’s presence in the game was actually announced before Season 3’s release, and this time it was validated by trustworthy leakers and data miners.

This suggests that Revenant will be a new Legend introduced in the upcoming Season 3.5. Apex Mobile Leaks, a data miner, has divulged that data information for the Revenant game has been obtained. These offensive legends will be added to Apex Legends Mobile following their PC release.

In addition, Revenant is teased by in-game events in the mobile FPS game. Introduced is Revenant, an offensive legend that emphasizes aggressive gameplay and ambushing the opponent. Revenant will have the same three abilities as other legends, despite being a nightmare legend that is skilled at ambushing and manipulating foes.

Revenant Skills – Apex Legends Mobile!

Revenant Apex Legends Mobile

Stalker which is his passive, Silence which is his Tactical, and Death Totem which is his Ultimate:

  • Stalker allows him to walk quickly when ducking or crouching by 2x.
  • Silence that can be used to throw enemies and neutralize the abilities of other legends.
  • The tactical Death Totem, allows him and his teammates to walk in shadow form, keeping them from dying.

It is not yet known when the official release of The Revenant Apex Legends Mobile will be, but we will provide new information regarding this new hero legend in the future on our site.

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