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Best Free QR Codes Maker Android Apps 2022, is one of the most searched applications in the Google Play Store over the past 3 months. This might be because of the importance of QR codes especially for business to easily share a link in the internet. For those that are looking for a way to generate or make QR Codes, here are some of the best way to do so in your android device.

1. QR Code Generator & QR Maker

QR Code Generator & QR Maker – Want to make a QR code for a website link, contact information, text, WiFi password, business card, or social media account? Want a QR code generator that lets you make codes in your own style and add logos to them to get more people to scan them? Want to use beautiful templates to make QR codes? Want a code-making app that can make QR codes for Whatsapp, Instagram, and Facebook? Then you need this QR code generator and QR code maker for sure!


2. QR Code Generator Pro

The professional version of QR Code Generator – QR Code Creator & QR Maker is called QR Generator Pro. It comes with more features and templates than the basic version. You can easily make unique and beautiful QR codes with QR Code Generator Pro – QR Creator & Barcode Generator. You can also use its barcode creator to make your own barcodes.

With QR Code Generator Pro, you can change the color, eyes, patterns, and add a logo to QR codes to make them more unique and stand out. QR codes are easy to make for websites, text messages, phone numbers, texts, and many social media accounts (such as Facebook QR Code, Instagram QR Code and WhatsApp QR Code, etc.). It is also a great tool for making barcodes and scanning QR codes. You may use QR code generator, QR code reader and barcode generator in one program.


3. Barcode Generator

Barcode Generator is a Free (no advertisements, no special premissions) QR code / barcode generator. You may generate a variety of barcodes, including DataMatrix, Code 39, Aztec, Code 128 and many more!


4. QRky: QR Code Generator & more

QRky -QR Code Generator. QR Code Scanner. Barcode Scanner: We’ve developed one of the world’s most advanced QR code creator & QR code reader apps for the Google Play Store, allowing you to produce or scan QR codes and barcodes in few seconds!

This is the ideal program for scanning or generating QR codes everywhere, at any time. Download today to save all of your QR codes in a one location — an absolute necessity for any Android device.


5. QR & Barcode Scanner

Free QR Codes Maker

The QR & Barcode Scanner app is the quickest QR code/barcode scanner available. QR & Barcode Scanner is an indispensable QR reader for Android devices. QR & Barcode Scanner / QR code reader is incredibly simple to use; with rapid scan built in, simply point QR code scanner free app to the QR or barcode you wish to scan, and QR scanner will begin scanning and QR scan it instantly. There is no need to click any buttons, snap images, or adjust the zoom because the barcode reader functions automatically.


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