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Best File Manager Apps on android can be used to easily organize your files in your phone. There are merits to managing your file, mainly to find it easily when you want to, which is why there are many file manager apps that let you do that.

Aside from the stock apps that let you do that, there are also tons of apps that let you customize more things with a bunch of different features in the application. Check out the list below for the best file manager apps on android!

1. Solid Explorer File Manager

Solid Explorer allows you to navigate to files on your device and arranges them automatically into collections. Any file can be viewed, deleted, moved, renamed, and shared. It also enables you to rapidly locate the required files through indexed search with filters.

Solid Explorer may encrypt chosen files with AES and place them in a safe folder whose contents are inaccessible to other applications. When browsing a folder, the file manager will prompt for a password or fingerprint confirmation. Even if you uninstall Solid Explorer, the protected files will remain on your device.


2. File Manager XFolder

File Manager – XFolder is a robust and easy-to-use file manager and file explorer with desktop-grade functionality that enables you to efficiently manage ALL of your files. With File Manager – XFolder, you can simply manage files on your local device and SD card, clear up space, and enhance the performance of your phone. In addition, you may rapidly find files by browsing and get an overview of memory use for apps and folders.


3. File Manager Plus

File Manager Plus is an intuitive and potent file manager for Android devices. It is free, quick, and feature-rich. Because of its straightforward user interface, it is incredibly intuitive. You can effortlessly manage storages on your device, NAS, and in the cloud. In addition, the number of files and programs on your device may be shown instantly when launching the app.


4. ASTRO File Manager & Cleaner

ASTRO File Manager & Cleaner is the all-in-one app for efficiently organizing, moving, and backing up your files and cleaning the memory of your Android device. It includes a user-friendly interface for convenient folder browsing and management of your local, remote, and cloud storages. Since 2009, more than 150 million individuals worldwide have accessed ASTRO. ASTRO Organizer is free and contains no advertisements!


5. Files by Marc

best file manager apps

Files by Marc – Some mobile phones, tablets, and other devices lack a file manager by default. Typically, a file manager is present, however it is concealed within the settings program. This software allows you to launch the file manager with a single tap from the app list.


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