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Moonton just announced that they will tweak the MMR or matchmaking algorithm in the Mobile Legends game. The MMR system, which is a ranking system in the MOBA Mobile Legends Bang Bang game, will be changed by Moonton Games.

The developer wishes to provide a more fair matchup for the players. This change will be implemented in the next October 2022 update, featuring in-player data based on match win and loss statistics. These data are derived from each player’s match history in order to determine the skills possessed by each player. Winning a match will almost surely boost MMR, while losing will almost certainly decrease it.

Here are the changes that are going to be implemented in Mobile Legends soon!

1. MMR Algorithm changes to Hero Power Leaderboard

The new Hero Power algorithm will replace the current MMR algorithm. The “Leaderboards – Hero – Global” and “Leaderboards – Street” rankings will be combined to form a new, improved system known as the “Hero Power Leaderboard” (temporary name). In this system, Hero Power will be ranked on a global, national, provincial, city, and neighborhood scale (to be updated weekly)

2. Limit the Hero Power

They are putting a cap on different Hero Power score ranks to prevent certain players from purposefully reducing their rankings in order to easily obtain Hero Power score.

3. Reducing the Hero Power If played

Hero Power decreases with each season, and if a hero is not employed each season, Hero Power decreases over time. When using the hero again, however, it will be easier for players to lose scores.

4. Permanent title display in Profile

All of your ‘Hero Power Leaderboard’ (temporary name) titles will be permanently featured in your Profile.

5.  Fairness in How to Gain and Lose Hero Power

Moonton will be  improving how you gain and lose Hero Power, making sure to take different scenarios into account. (We’re placing more emphasis on fairness with this new algorithm, taking more factors into account to avoid the scenario “victories get you points, losing takes them away” approach).

6. Giving out Punishment for Players that are detected for reducing ranks

Moonton have a rigorous zero-tolerance policy for anyone detected purposely reducing their ranks, fraudulently joining leaderboards, and so on, and we will be closely monitoring this while punishing those who disobey our rules to make the game fair.

To that end, we’ll be recalculating Hero Power in the new version based on your history when we introduce this new algorithm. During this optimization period, the “Top 10 List” will be inaccessible.

Well hopefully this will make MMR System more fair for the MOBA Mobile Legends Bang Bang Games!

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