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Tor Browser is probably one of the best browsers that can be used to hide your IP Address. This can be used to prevent ranging of threats from malware, phishing and more online threats. Here are some of the best Tor Browser Alternatives on android Google Play Store that you can download.

1. DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser +

At the touch of a button, the DuckDuckGo app provides the most comprehensive online privacy protection. With a single download, you gain access to a new everyday browser that provides seamless safety while searching and browsing, as well as tracking protection for emails and apps. Many of these precautions are not offered by default in the majority of popular web browsers.


2. Aloha Browser + Private VPN

Aloha Browser is a quick, free, and feature-rich web browser that offers the highest level of privacy and security. One tap grants access to a free VPN from anywhere in the world. To enable or disable VPN, click the shield icon. Premium VPNs are also available, with a variety of country options. Keep your private files in a password- and/or biometrics-protected folder.


3. Private Browser with VPN

Private Browser — is a novel web-surfing application with an intuitive user interface. More than 400 servers in 70 countries and SSL data encryption will ensure the security of your sensitive data. Download Private Browser for Android if you wish to browse the internet quickly on your mobile device with all the benefits of anonymous and private browsing, security, and data protection, using proxy technology over VPN servers.


4. Opera Browser: Fast & Private

Introduced is the latest version of the Opera web browser, which is designed to make your life easier online. With an integrated Ad Blocker and VPN and a clean, user-friendly interface, you can accomplish more online in less time.

Opera’s built-in ad filter eliminates hundreds of obtrusive adverts and accelerates page loading to enhance your browsing experience. Now, we now offer the option to eliminate the great majority of obnoxious cookie and privacy dialogues.


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