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Mobile legends, the latest advance server patch provides a mandatory item for Marksman users named Swift Crossbow. This mandatory item, presents an additional attack speed that doesn’t make sense, especially for tier 2 items that are priced quite cheaply. The following is a detailed explanation of the Swift Crossbow item which we will summarize in the short article below.

Mobile Legends – Swift Crossbow, New Item Explanation:

Mobile Legends Swift Crossbow

Swift Crossbow is an attack speed item which is a tier 2 item that will provide additional attack speed. Priced at 800 Gold in total, this item will later become an important item for marksman users. This item will provide an additional 20% attack speed, with a passive effect that will increase attack speed by 3% for 3 seconds which can be stacked 5x with a total additional attack speed of 15%.

What’s more, other passive effects that can be found are additional damage of 40 adaptive damage which is suitable for poke damage in early games. To make a Swift Crossbow, players must buy 2 attack speed items, namely Knife + Knife and buy a recipe to change the two knives.

This item is a mandatory item for those who want to buy a Corrosion Scythe and Feather of Heaven.

Pasif, Effect, Usefulness, and Why You need to Buy Swift Crossbow – Mobile Legends:

Mobile Legends Swift Crossbow

Here are some of the uses of Swift Crossbow which we can summarize in a few points:

  • Suitable for Poke Damage
  • Suitable for Marksman and Fighter who use attack speed.
  • Required item to make Corrosion Scythe which will be buffed in the future.
  • One of the most useful tier 2 items in Mobile Legends
  • Provides not only additional Attack speed but also damage.
  • Total provides an additional 35% attack speed, almost equivalent to the Wind talker item which is valued at 1800 Gold More.
  • The price is 800 Gold which can be purchased after clearing 2 lanes.

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