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Joy is one of the new heroes who has recently been on the rise in Mobile Legends Bang Bang MLBB along with the counter hero. Due to its ability to anti-cc, high damage, accompanied by the smoothness of this hero, many people feel that this hero is too overpowered.

When used properly and at the right beat, Joy can be a formidable foe. That’s why we will provide more or less heroes that can be used to counter Joy in the Mobile Legends game. Check out the article below.

Joy Hero Counter MLBB Mobile Legends Bang Bang

1. Kaja

One of the heroes who has been on the rise and has the ability to counter these new heroes. This is due to the suppressive effect of Kaja’s ultimate skill which can be used to remove Joy’s anti-CC. With one ultimate skill, the slippery Joy immediately doesn’t move.

2. Franco

For the same reason as Kaja, Franco also has a suppress effect when using his ultimate skill. When you see Joy preparing for her ultimate, immediately press your ultimate skill to block Joy’s movement so she can’t use her 2nd skill to escape. For the same reason, players can catch Joy by using the Hook it has.

3. Khufra

It’s a little difficult to use Khufra’s skill 2 to kill Joy because of his anti-CC effect. Here, players only need to hope that Joy users are not too proficient and make a few mistakes when using their skills. This is because Joy’s anti-CC effect will disappear when she uses her 2 skills incorrectly.

4. Ruby

Joy Mobile Legends Counter

Having CC abilities and skills with low CD, Ruby can use her skills to give a mini stun to Joy. If done correctly with the right timing, Ruby can be a counter to Joy with her abilities. What’s more, with a passive effect that increases lifesteal, 3 stacks of defense, Ruby can survive Joy’s attacks for a few moments before being killed.

5. Minshittar

Joy Mobile Legends Counter

Even though he’s not a valid hero to kill Joy, Minshittar’s job here is to block the combo for skill 2 Joy so he can’t use his ultimate. By using the petrify effect and the ultimate skill effect from Minshittar, Skill 2 Joy will enter a CD so that he cannot kill his enemies. Not to kill once again, but as anti and control from Joy so it doesn’t get worse.

Those are some recommendations for heroes that can be used to counter Joy, a new hero in Mobile Legends that is very annoying. What do you think about Joy’s performance in Mobile Legends? Is he an OP hero who entered the META? Or just being a mediocre hero?

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