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Beatrix got a nerf from Moonton in Mobile Legends because she’s too easy to use, as such the nerf is intended so she’s not too overpowered or OP.

The marksman hero Beatrix is ​​indeed very dominating in the MOBA Mobile Legends game, this is because the ability she uses can be used for several situations.  Therefore, to reduce her ability to clear lane, push, defend and so on. Here the developer will provide a pretty huge nerf for the marksman hero.

Nerf Beatrix Mobile Legends:

Beatrix Mobile Legends will get an overall reduced damage on patch note 1.7.36 on the advanced server. Here, Moonton wants Beatrix not to use her ultimate to clear lane, defend and push. That’s why the developer will reduce the damage from the weapons they have when using basic attacks or ultimates to push turrets and clear minions.

– Basic attack damage reduced by 80% when destroying turrets

– The damage of all weapons when using the ultimate is reduced by 50% when killing minions.

With this pretty severe nerf, Beatrix will certainly be overwhelmed when defending using her ultimate skill. Update patch 1.7.36 will soon be released on the original server if it is deemed to have no problems.

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