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There are so many games that are being released nowadays, sadly there are not that many that are lasting, which makes us wonder what long-lasting anime gacha RPG games you should have played. Here we have compiled the information that you need.

Of course this list of games is taken from the newest mobile games, not what we had already know like Genshin Impact, Honkai Impact, Arknight and other. Check this list out for the best anime gacha RPG!

Best Long Lasting Anime Gacha RPG Games!

1. Path to Nowhere

Path to Nowhere is a new mobile anime strategy RPG game made by AISNO Games finally made available to download. The game offers awesome gameplay with strategic elements and anime like graphic. Those that are interested in both can do so, Path to Nowhere in android and iOS.

Path to Nowhere is a role-playing game with Tower Defense elements. [You are appointed Chief of MBCC in the year N.F.112] Welcome to the Minos Crisis Management Bureau. As the Chief, you are obligated to Shackle and Control the most savage criminals—Sinners—in order to protect the city from destruction. Hold on to the light in the midst of the darkness and rescue hope from despair.


2. Higan: Eruthyl

Those interested in new mobile RPGs can check out Higan: Eruthyll, a new android mobile Strategy RPG. The game introduces us to a tactical game in which players are tasked with assembling a squad of high-quality anime characters with unique powers to complement one another and eliminate the adversaries. Eruthyll is available for download on Android, Higan. iOS Users can test the game on PC using an emulator.

Higan: Eruthyll is a 3D real-time strategy card game with an aesthetic style that is inspired by old video games and a setting that combines magic and technology. In the realm of Eruthyll, not only can you play a variety of different strategies with dynamic instructions, but you can also enjoy the moving stories that are displayed through magnificent cutscenes.


3.Neural Cloud

Project Neural Cloud is a new mobile anime tower defense game that has opened for BETA testing and is now available to download in certain areas. The game delivers a mobile gameplay experience unlike any other, with adorable anime characters and a compelling tale. If you are interested in anime and, of course, tower defense-style games, then you should check out Neural Cloud.

This is an unprecedented existential threat to Dolls. Faced with fierce foes and an uncertain future, the dispersed Dolls grit their teeth and harden themselves as they travel in pursuit of a minuscule chance of rescue.

Humanity may have abandoned them, but as the leader of “Project Neural Cloud,” you have set foot in this uncharted country and formed the “Exiles” as you take in wandering Dolls. With you as their captain, the Exiles will investigate the world’s secrets, discover a way out of their dire condition, and expose the truth.


4. Soul Tide

Soul Tide is a unique game that combines anime girl collecting, house simulation, and dungeon exploration. It takes place in a fantasy world where witches have brought doom to the land, and players are fated to turn the tide. Thankfully, unlike most Android anime games nowadays, the game is in English. Players will be given a variety of quests to complete, enter a dungeon with a team of cute waifus, and then use them to kill the enemies that obstruct their exploration.


5. Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy is a free-to-play open-world action role-playing game created by Perfect World subsidiary Hotta Studio. The game takes place in the far future on the planet of Aida, which has been tainted with a mysterious but potent radioactive energy known as Omnium following a catastrophe that nearly wiped out human civilization and changed the planet’s biosphere.


6. Echocalypse

Yoozoo has just published a brand new Anime Role-Playing Game for mobile devices called Echocalypse. Introducing a brand new science fiction mobile strategy game, in which you will guide the Kemono Girls, the last remaining chance for humanity, on a journey to gather mana and discover the hidden secrets of the world!

In this post-apocalyptic world, the foretold Calamities had materialized, presenting humanity with its biggest test in millennia. The odd Echo Crystals are gradually harming the ecosystem, and this catastrophic situation has compelled humanity to investigate the crystals. Different factions now hold divergent views on the crystals, and a local conflict is on the verge of breaking out.


7. NIKKE Goddess of Victory

NIKKE Goddess of Victory although being dub as a buggy game is still one of the most enjoyable games currently. The game offers a really good gameplay, tons of fans service and is overall a good game to play.

NIKKE Best Characters Critical

Nikke, our protagonist is the only hope of humanity who must flee underground due to the invasion of an alien race. Players will control an android in the form of a beautiful girl, automatically shoot enemies with the movement of your finger, and take cover when shot. NIKKE Goddess of Victory can be played now on both android and iOS.


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