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Much like any other Ragnarok Games, all of the Miscellaneous items that you get in Ragnarok Begins can be sold in the shops. Sometimes, the shops in each areas is different from one after another and those that are a little bit confuse regarding this will be able to learn the explanation in this article below.

Here are the guide for 4 different shops in Ragnarok Begins, what they do and their explanation!

Ragnarok Begins Shops Explanation:

NPC Shops:

Ragnarok Begins Shops

NPC Shops can be used to sell and buy items. Some items are available for purchase from merchant NPC Tool Shops. Consumable items such as HP/MP are available for purchase.

Some items are available for purchase from merchant NPC Material Shops such as Materials required for skill application can be purchased, Revive items are available for purchase. Lastly Novice users can buy materials for crafting equipment.

Cash Shops:

Ragnarok Begins Shops

In Cash shop you can Purchases Zeny / Consumables / Reward Coupons. You can access it by clicking the Cash Shop icon in the menu, where you can buy goods and items for use in the game.

Here you can purchase of items/goods required to play the game. With it Zeny can be bought. You can also buy exclusive items with Reward Coupons earned by spending diamonds which needs IRL Money.

Draw Shops:

Ragnarok Begins Shops

In Draw Shops you can draw costumes or skins with diamonds. To access the Draw Shop, click the Draw Shop icon in the menu. By spending diamonds, you can draw costumes or Cards.

Costumes can be obtained by using the draw function. There are several costume drawing events. with vary draw rate depending on the costume part or Cards.


Ragnarok Begins Shops

A stall is a place where users can exchange goods. Here you can open a stall, sell items, or look for items that have been registered in a stall.

You can access the Stall menu by clicking the Stall icon in the menu or by pressing the ‘Y’ key. Only items that can be traded can be sold.

The Open function in the Stall menu can be used to create a stall. Only available in markets. You are unable to move while your stall is open. When registering items that can be sold, there is an item registration fee.  When the sale is completed, a fee is paid. When you sell an item, you can get the sale returns through your mailbox.

Here are stall features that you can utilize and the information regarding it:

– Users’ other items for sale can be purchased.
– Purchased items are immediately added to your inventory.
– Using the 1:1 Chat function, you can bargain with other users.
– Searchable via the Stall menu’s Search function.

Other Ragnarok Begins Guide:

Those that are interested in playing the game can download it right now on android, iOS, or PC because the game offers a cross play. The game offers a lot of stuff, and is actually pretty interesting. Ragnarok Begins hasn’t release globally and is only opens in US/West only.

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