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Team Terrible, an independent developer, released a Christmas update for Baby in Yellow. Now, with a new story and more toys and costumes, The Baby in Yellow is prepared to scare you once more.

The Baby in Yellow’s newest Christmas chapter will commemorate Santa’s coming, and in this horror-adventure game, players will celebrate with a Christmas tree, turkey, and more. However, players will be instructed to survive the night because Santa will not save you.

In this Android, iOS, and PC mobile game, you will be surrounded by a variety of Christmas-themed jump fright horrors, such as elves, deer, and terrible snowmen. Obviously, this game will not be as simple as you believe, and this annual celebration will be a nightmare for some.

The Baby in Yellow

With a new scare, and most definitely fun new story that tells a little information regarding the Baby in Yellow, Those that are interested in the update can get The Baby in Yellow here for Android and iOS for free!

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