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New Dislyte Codes on November 2022 with bunch of different freebies, cube stone can be use in this article below. Dislyte is one of the most anticipated mobile RPG games, not only for the gameplay but also for the hype surrounding it. It has a really good graphic with each mythology god being a hot man or woman who makes us want to roll for them.

However, did you know that Lilith Games is actually quite generous, as they recently released a slew of new codes for their players to use in order to obtain premium currency to use in the game? So now you know, and today we will list some of the codes that we discovered. Check it out!

Dislyte Working Codes November 2022:

  • DislyteYTB50K – 10,000 Gold / 50 Nexus Crystals
  • JontronShow – Two 3* Rare Abilimon / 100,000 Gold / 50 Nexus Crystals
  • AviveHD – 3* Rare Starimon / Four Basic Experimon / 100,000 Gold / 50 Nexus Crystals
  • TGTyoutube – 3* Rare Starimon / Four Basic Experimon / 50 Nexus Crystals / XP Booster
  • StSkiCrimax – 100,000 Gold / XP Booster / Stamina Supply Pack
  • LingBigYong – 100,000 Gold / 50 Nexus Crystals / Five Basic Divine Wave Opt-Pack
  • JoinDislyte – Gold Record / 100 Nexus Crystals

Expired codes:

  • dislyteytb50k – 10,000 gold, 50x nexus crystals
  • JoinDislyte – gold record, 100x nexus crystals
  • AviveHD – 100,000 gold, 50x nexus crystals, three-star rare starimon, 4x basic experimon
  • LingBigYong – 100,000 gold, 50x nexus crystals, 5x basic divine wave packs
  • JontronShow – 100,000 gold, 50 nexus crystals, 2x three-star rare abilimon
  • StSkiCrimax– 100,000 gold, 8-hour XP booster, stamina supply pack
  • TGTyoutube – three-star rare starimon, 4x basic experimon, 50x nexus crystals, 8-hour XP boost

How to redeem Dislyte Codes:

  • Open Dislyte Games on your phone
  • Find the profile icon (Top left corner of the game screen)
  • Locate Service and click the Gift Code buttons
  • Copy and paste the code above and then confirm
  • Rewards will be given immediately.

Tips on Playing and further advancing in Dislyte:

Dislyte Codes

Because Dislyte is a semi Idle RPG game, we really recommend you to try and use Emulator for further advancing in the game. By using an Emulator called LDplayers that’s a lightweight android emulator, you will be able to play the game smoothly without any problem. Here’s how to download the game on LDPlayer:

If you are interested in trying out this game, players can find Dislyte on the App Store, as well as the Google Play Store for Android and iOS users. This is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases that can be played right now; however, players can also download and play the game on a PC by using an emulator to play the game.

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