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Since almost all games played online today require a login to access, it’s crucial that game accounts be kept private, especially for mobile games. Many different login options are made available to make it more convenient for players.

However, not everything is guaranteed to be secure when playing games online. Mainly because so many hackers might want to take your account. This is obviously risky, as any undesirable action will leak your account ID.

Accordingly, ensuring your account is as secure as possible is pretty important. Therefore, here we have listed out several measures you should take to protect your game account from hackers.

Knowing the Scam!

So many online scams or frauds will make you lose your ID. Knowing these internet scams overall is good for protecting your game account.

Many internet scams usually come from email, where they temp you with freebies or when you click some links without any means.

By knowing every type of scam, or even knowing what the scam is, you are preventing yourself from getting scams.

Enable 2-Factor Authentication

2 Factor Authentication is a feature that is quite helpful in keeping your game accounts safe from hackers.

This feature works because if you are accessing your game accounts, you will be given another way to verify your authenticity.

This service can be activated in a variety of ways. You can use your cell phone number or the Google Authenticator app, which you must install on your phone to use this service.

Either way, this can bind the email account that you use for gaming purposes and increase security.

Reset Your Password Periodically

One of the important things you should do with your account is change the password periodically. This becomes a trick that can confuse hackers trying to get into your account.

If you have so far created a basic password, you should begin changing it with a more mundane one, adding more variations to make it more difficult to discover.

However, do note that you will need to remember your password, or else you might want to reset it. ExpressVPN reveals that around 8% of the online gaming community spends their time resetting their forgotten password and the average person uses 3 minutes and 46 seconds of their time to reset it.

So be sure to check and remember your password before you change it for the second time.


These are some effective methods for safeguarding your account against cybercrime. However, hackers are more skilled at exploiting mistakes, so be sure to take note and be safe on your gaming account.

The point is to implement the suggestions above immediately and always exercise caution when making and managing your gaming account.

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