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Skyline Edge is a new open-source emulator that is made by a group of developer for over a years to maximize the compatibility of the open sources android Nintendo Switch emulator Skyline. The emulator is seek by many people and those that are interested in trying out the Skyline Edge to play pokemon game can use this little guide to download it.

Skyline Edge emulator is the first Nintendo Switch that uses GPU-New, which rewrite a portion of the GPU codes that is important when emulating a game. It will improves the overall performace and will use the Adreno drivers to boost itself.

This emulation updates expands the compability and increase the performance with bunch of differents games such as Pokemon, Skyrim, Rise: Race the Future, and Skul. The titles usually can’t be played because of stuttered and crashes.

If you are looking forward to play the game, then here we will give you a little guide on how to get Skyline Edge and download the emulator APK file:

How to Get and Download Skyline Edge:

To get Skyline Edge, you will first need to support the developers by giving them patreon donation and those that are interested in downloading the APK files can do so by giving the donation of $5 to the developer. It is important to note that by supporting the developer, you will be able to get more compatibility and updates when it is being released.

Not only that, you can remove the donation or subscription whenever you wanted while keeping the original APK file that you had downloaded. However please do not share the APK file with other users that are interested to use the Nintendo Switch. This is because without the support for the patreon, Skyline Edge will not have the means to update their compatibility and devs might be discourage and stop the development

Links to get the Skyline Edge Emulator:

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